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Blloku Area of Tiranë (Tirana) Albania

Blloku Area of Tiranë (Tirana) Albania
Blloku Area of Tiranë (Tirana) Albania
Blloku Area of Tiranë (Tirana) Albania

The Blloku, or Block area, has become Tiranë's hippest and most vibrant district. Filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, it is the place to see and be seen in this swiftly changing and growing cosmopolitan city.

History of Area

The Block is the location of former Communist dictator Enver Hoxha's villa. During the period of his rule, the area was only reserved for government officials and the general public could not enter. After Hoxha's death, the area was reopened and is now a popular hangout and destination point.

One can find trendy bars and nightclubs, with fashionably dressed locals stepping out in their fashionable best, crammed cheek by jowl with tasty and satisfying restaurants. One can even see more fancy cars in this square area than in many other European capitals.

The Block is also the center for Tiranë's famous cafe culture. In both summer and winter, Albanians of all ages gather in friendly and welcoming cafes to sit, catch up, chat, conduct business, or just read the paper. Espresso is the drink of choice, a legacy of Albania's close relationship with Italy. Sit back, order a macchiato, and enjoy the city moving by.

Acessibility Notes

The Block has narrow and uneven sidewalks and streets. There are spaces for trees to grow which have not all been planted. Driveways, steps, and ramps often block pedestrian progress. In addition, many cars are often jostling for parking spots so visitors with limited mobility and balance may have difficulty getting around.


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